Sun 28 November 2021

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Regional Coordinator: 
John Owens Tel: 01932 830033, email:

Hello everyone, In March 2015 I took over running Weybridge NHW from Pauline O’Sullivan who had been running it for more than 15 years!

We moved from Surbiton to Weybridge in 1998 and have moved around quite a lot, now settled in the south of the town. Our daughter has recently moved up to Heathside school, a short walk from the house.​



The Weybridge region is split into 5 Areas, plus a Virtual Watch:
Area 1 North West (634 Homes – 38 roads)
Area 2 North East (459 Homes – 26 roads)
Area 3 Central West (683 Homes – 28 roads)
Area 4 Central East (570 Homes – 25 roads)
Area 5 South (183 Homes – 14 roads)


About 20 roads have been suspended following the loss of their coordinators, so we are always on the lookout for residents to take on this role. It is not onerous but we do need a main contact. To see just what’s involved take a look at the Operational Roles described within the Elmbridge Setup.  

Beyond needing coordinators we really want to extend the reach of NHW to realise a whole range of benefits and enable us to pursue a number of new initiatives in support of the community. As a result, signing up as many new eyes as possible is our current goal. Please support this initiative by encouraging any friends and family not currently involved.


Want to sign up,click here...             


For more on current policing and crime in Weybridge

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