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ELMBRIDGE SETUP             


For ease of operation Elmbridge is divided into 8 regions each run by a Regional Coordinator. Where there is a vacancy for a Regional Coordinator the ENhW Steering Group Chairman maintains the communication within that region.

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Claygate Mr John Haberfield (ENhW Secretary)
Cobham, Downside & Stoke D’Abernon Mr Patrick Molloy
Esher Mrs Carol Harrison 
Hersham Mrs Beverly Schjelderup  (ENhW Treasurer)
Molesey, Dittons & Hinchley Wood Mr John Haberfield (ENhW Secretary)
Mrs Chris Burman (Deputy)
Oxshott Mrs Sally-Ann Todd
Walton Mr Bob Mitchell 
Weybridge Mr John Owens (ENhW Chairman)


The Regional Coordinators and deputies, together with the Crime Reduction Advisor for Elmbridge, make up the ENhW Management Steering Group. This group meets every 2-3 months to look at ways to sustain and develop NHW in the borough.

A well-established infrastructure supports the overall operation with an agreed Constitution and Partnership Agreement with the Elmbridge Police. Communication is mainly via email so that it can be timely but not intrusive. However, at a local level there is provision for those without email and for the important support of vulnerable neighbours.

Each region has a structure of watches, areas and districts dependent on the size and makeup of the towns covered. Watches cover a road, several roads or just a part and make up the cornerstone of NHW, run by appointed coordinators. However, where no watch exists individual residents can sign up to a Regional Virtual Watch which is run by the Regional Coordinator. 

Anyone signing up to NHW is agreeing to support community safety and to adopt crime prevention measures but the more eyes we have both at home and away the more benefit there is to all involved.

What is a Watch?

This is where residents in a road have agreed to support NHW and to work together to build a safer community, look out for one another and share information, be more aware and support the police by reporting incidents or anything suspicious. For a watch to be registered as active a Watch Coordinator has to be in place at all times as the main contact. See below for the role description.

Alternative to a Watch 

Virtual Watches –These are a regional initiative created to expand the reach of NHW and the support for the police. They enable residents to simply sign up where no watch exists and they are not in a position to initiate the creation of one. Residents who sign up will receive the same crime prevention information and regular updates as those in a watch. However, the key benefit of a community working together is absent so the hope is that overtime these members will promote NHW to their neighbours such that a watch will result.

Operational Roles

  • Watch Coordinator 

Maintains contact details for all residents in the watch and communication with them.

Promotes the adoption of crime prevention measures and highlights any local crime.

Encourages awareness and support for the police and the communication of incidents or suspicious circumstances using 101, 999 in an emergency, or Crimestoppers to remain anonymous.

Takes proactive action to sustain an active watch.      


  • Area/District Coordinator

Runs/maintains Neighbourhood Watch for an area/district working with the associated Street Coordinators and supporting the Regional Coordinator in their role developing the region and possibly working as part of a small committee.


  • Regional Coordinator

Maintains contact with its coordinators and ensures that watches remain active and communicating with their members.

Develops new watches, finding new coordinators and overseeing the setup and launch.

Actively supports the police and associated community safety agencies and the sign up of watches to the Police Active Citizen System to receive crime alerts.

Sustains interest though newsletters, coordinator meetings and reminders about good practice and signage.

Keeps the Regional and Elmbridge NHW Databases up to date.

Looks for funding/sponsorship to support the regional operational mechanism when required.

Works as part of the Elmbridge Steering Group to develop NHW in the borough.




1.Name of Group


Elmbridge Neighbourhood Watch (ENhW)

2.Nature of ENhW and its Objective

ENhW is a voluntary, non-political, community-based group working in partnership with the police, local authority and other agencies promoting safety awareness, the prevention of crime and ways to improve the quality of life for those living in Elmbridge. This is achieved through the development and support of the Neighbourhood Watch movement and the associated schemes registered as watches within the Borough of Elmbridge. 

                The main objectives of ENhW are to:

Promote safer neighbourhoods and the support of vulnerable residents

Increase the coverage of Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) through the set-up of new watches and reactivation of ones that have lapsed

Help existing schemes maintain interest and enthusiasm

Promote a wider local understanding of the NHW concept

Improve communication between the Police and the community.



3.Membership of Neighbourhood Watch in Elmbridge

Membership of NHW in Elmbridge will not discriminate in terms of gender, age, race, social or ethnic origin, religion, sexuality, political affiliation or disability.


Membership is open to any person who is resident in the Borough of Elmbridge, where there is at least one resident in the Watch, or an existing coordinator in the Region, who will take on the role of Coordinator.  

Watches can only be activated by registering the Watch Name and Coordinator details with both the Regional Coordinator and the Elmbridge police via their Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for Neighbourhood Watch. 

There is no joining membership fee associated with becoming a NHW member in Elmbridge.

Termination of a watch and associated membership will only take place where no coordinator can be found to provide the essential communication point for the watch.


4.Management of the Group

ENhW will be managed by a Management Committee which shall have the power to raise funds, receive contributions, appoint members, with such members being subject to a probation period as agreed by the Committee, but a minimum of 3 months and to do all such other lawful things as are necessary for the achievement of the above objectives.  

This shall include, but not be limited to:

  • Maintaining a close liaison with the local Neighbourhood Police Teams.
  • Maintaining records by region showing the extent of the NHW movement within the Borough of Elmbridge.
  • Taking initiatives to extend the NHW movement into areas not presently served within Elmbridge.
  • Supporting and encouraging NHW Co-ordinators in their activities.
  • Disseminating advice on good practice relating to the prevention of crime and anti- social behaviour.
  • Liaising with other NHW movements and other relevant public sector and private sector bodies to achieve and promote a more effective NHW movement within the Borough of Elmbridge.
  • Providing a representative to work as part of the Surrey NHW Association to help capitalise on initiatives and good practice in other boroughs, and to help develop NHW across the County.

The Committee may appoint such special or standing committees as may be deemed necessary, and shall determine its terms of reference, powers, duration and composition. All acts and proceedings of such special or standing committees shall be reported back to ENhW fully and promptly. 

ENhW may make such rules for the conduct of its business and that of the Group as it may deem necessary, provided that they shall be consistent with the requirements of this Constitution.

ENhW shall have the power to make, repeal and amend such rules as it may from time to time consider necessary for the well-being of the Group provided that they shall be consistent with the requirements of this Constitution. These rules, repeals and amendments shall have effect until set aside by the Group or at a Comittee meeting.


The members of the Committee shall be entitled to an indemnity out of the assets of ENhW for liabilities properly incurred by them in the management of the affairs of the Group. This indemnity shall not extend to liabilities arising from willful and individual fraud, wrongdoing, or wrongful omission on the part of the member sought to be made liable. 


Minutes shall be kept by the Committee, and the Secretary shall retain a record of all proceedings and resolutions. Copies of the minutes shall be provided to all members of the Committee and to others whom the Committee shall from time to time determine.

Relevant information from Committee Meetings shall be passed on by the committee members to their associated Street Coordinators for onward dissemination as appropriate to their watch members.



5.Management Committee

The Management Committee shall comprise the Elmbridge Police Contact for NHW and the Regional Coordinators who run each of the 8 Regions within Elmbridge, plus their nominated deputies to ensure that each region is represented at normal meetings and AGMs. 

The regions are:

Molesey, Dittons & Hinchleywood

Cobham & Stoke D’Abernon

Esher                                                        -

Hersham                                                  -


In addition, other agencies may be invited to provide non-voting representatives to attend and offer advice at any Group meetings.

Elected officers of the Management Committee shall comprise, but not be limited to:

  • Chairman
  • Treasurer
  • ·Secretary


The Management Committee shall meet at least 4 times a year, with the Annual General Meeting (AGM) being included in the first meeting of the year. All Management Committee members shall have equal voting rights.  The Chairman of the meeting shall exercise a casting vote where necessary. In the absence of the Chairman, the remaining members shall appoint another member to be the Chairman. 

In the event that a member of the Management Committee is unwilling, unsuitable or unable to fulfil their duties, then the Management Committee shall have the authority to find a replacement Regional Coordinator to join the Committee.  

The Elmbridge Police Contact for NHW and each Regional Coordinator (for their region only) shall keep accurate, appropriate and up-to-date information of NHW Coordinators, taking into account the provisions of the Data Protection Act.

6.Duties of the Management Committee Officers

The Chairman of the Management Committee shall chair all Committee Meetings unless prevented from so doing by conflict of interest.  In such cases a temporary Chairman may be co-opted from the Management Committee.

He/She shall set the agenda for each meeting and ensure that all meetings are conducted in such manner as to comply with the objectives of the Group.

The Secretary shall keep proper minutes of all meetings, and shall keep all documentation of a secretarial nature, including this Constitution, insurance policies and other important authorities, records and papers.

The Treasurer shall be responsible for all monies belonging to ENhW and shall keep such monies in a publicly-recognised bank account in the name of the Group.  The Treasurer shall keep an accurate and auditable set of books, and produce annual accounts to the AGM or as may be required by the Management Committee. He/She may, on the instruction of the Management Committee, raise and/or expend sums of monies as approved by the Management Committee.

He/She shall ensure that all payments made are in accordance with approved procedures and policies. All cheques drawn on ENhW’s accounts must be signed by at least two signatories, approved by the Management Committee at its meetings. All income must be accounted for accurately, clearly reflecting any restricted funds expenditure and identifying sources of donation and/or grant income.

 Meetings of ENhW Committee

  • Normal Meetings

Normal meetings of the ENhW shall be held approximately every three months on dates and venues to be confirmed at the previous meeting. Members shall be given two days’ notice in writing of the proposed agenda for the meeting.

A quorum at a normal meeting of ENhW shall be four members.

  • Annual General Meeting (AGM)


At the AGM the Management Committee shall review its work, present the accounts, and the officers of the Management Committee shall submit themselves for re-election and/or new officers appointed from members of the Committee.

An independent person shall be appointed as auditor, and that person shall be required to check that the financial records are in order and reflect an accurate view of the ENhW finances.

  • Special Meetings

A Special Meeting may be convened at any time by at least three members of ENhW for the purposes of resolving or progressing special items of Group business. These meetings are subject to the Secretary advising all members in writing that the meeting is taking place, and giving at least fourteen days’ notice.

8.Changing the Constitution

Changes to the constitution shall require the agreement of not less than three quarters of the Management Committee at any normal meeting of the ENhW, provided that any proposal for such a change shall have been put forward at the previous Normal Meeting of the Group and expressly included in the agenda for the meeting at which the vote for change takes place.

9.Dissolution of the ENhW

In the event that the ENhW ceases to operate, and after discharging all its debts and liabilities, the remaining assets shall be offered to those who have provided funding in proportion to the value of funds provided over a period of three years immediately preceding the date of dissolution.  No funds may be paid to, or distributed amongst, members.  Surplus funds available post dissolution may be offered to other voluntary organisations having similar objects to those of the Group.