Thu 27 January 2022

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                                                            FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS & ANSWERS
What is Neighbourhood Watch about?

What would you have to do?

How much time is involved?

What would I receive


Would I have to patrol my road?

Who holds my details and sends me information?
Caring for your home, your neighbours & community.

Provide an email address if possible and act on advice given to keep you & your home safe & get to know and look out for your neighbours.

Very little, mainly reading information sent to you, adopting simple crime prevention measures and being more aware as you go about your daily life, reporting anything suspicious to the police.

An Information pack, NHW and Trading Standards window/door stickers, a Stay Safe Booklet & The Little Book of Big Scams. Timely crime alerts from the police + crime prevention reminders as and when appropriate.

No, just have the confidence to report incidents and suspicions to the police immediately.

Your Regional NHW Coordinator, police and your Street Coordinator, if your road has an active watch.
What phone number do you call?
You feel you are in danger

You return home to find you have been burgled

You feel pressurised by a cold caller

There is an ongoing problem with an abusive neighbour

You want to report a crime

You have had your bike stolen

You want to report information on a crime but don’t want to give your name


101 – Call Centre/Surrey Police Website

NSO who can link you to the Mediation Service.   
This is not for NHW/Coordinator to resolve.

101 - Call Centre/Surrey Police Website.

101 - Call Centre/Surrey Police Website.

0800 555111 – Crimestoppers
Who do you go to for advice/help?
Have graffiti removed

To improve home security

Your road is suffering from anti-social behaviour

You are the victim of a scam

To find out if a tradesman is any good
When a tradesman has done a poor job or you feel ripped off

Environmental Care 01372 474775

Crime Reduction Advisor  or local PCSO, 101

Neighbourhood Police Officer, 101
Action Fraud & read The Little Book of Big Scams
Personal recommendation or trusted websites such as Trusted trader or check-a-trade
Trading Standards
What do you do if you get unsolicited calls?
From anyone asking for your bank, debit or credit card details
From anyone asking for money or a payment of any sort

Ring off immediately and call Action Fraud

Ring off immediately and call Action Fraud
What do you do if you receive a letter from someone unknown to me?
Asking for money
Promising money

Contact Action Fraud
Contact Action Fraud
How can you protect your home from burglary?
When you are at home

When you are out

 When you are away
Crime Prevention - advice
Don’t leave accessible windows open and doors unlocked if they are not in sight .

Don’t leave car keys or handbags on view, beware of fishing through the letterbox for keys
At  night set burglar alarm

Lock all windows, doors (inc. internal door to garage, gates). Set alarm
Leave lights to come on (via a timer) as it gets dark.

Cancel milk & papers and get a neighbour to keep an eye on the house, possibly mow the lawn, put bins out & take them in, park on your drive
How can you protect your property?

My mobile phone

My car

My bike
Crime PreventionProperty Marking
Mark property with SelectaDNA

Register the IMEI serial no. on

Lock it and don’t leave any valuables on display, don’t leave sat nav, laptop or mobile phone in the boot.
Secure number plates with non-return screws.

Have it marked with your post code, secure it with a quality lock through the frame/wheel to a fixed post take with you any removable parts.