Mon 18 October 2021

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Theft from Motor Vehicle

 Crime Prevention Tips




Unfortunately theft from motor  vehicle is often due to vehicles being left insecure.  I have heard some people say I leave my car unlocked so my windows are not smashed.  That is being irresponsible and letting neighbours down.  Leaving your car insecure I liken to leaving a honey pot for bees, it encourages criminals to return to an area.  So please consider following the few simple tips:-


Simple advice to protect your Vehicle


Always lock your vehicle and close the windows

Remove all personal processions not just electrical items

At countryside car parks don’t put your valuables into the boot so everyone can see you doing it – only take what you can carry with you on your walk

Keep your car keys safe and secure, even when at home don’t leave them by the front door

Secure your number plates with tamper proof or clutch head screws

When away from home, try to park in a well lit, open location, or a police approved ‘ParkMark’ car park


If it is a Commercial vehicle then


Ensure your vehicle is always locked. Lock the back doors while driving

If your vehicle doesn’t have an alarm then get one fitted

Never leave personal documents in the vehicle’s cab

Never leave tools or equipment in your vehicle overnight

Keep your van keys safe while you are working. Never leave them in your vehicle

Security mark all your tools and equipment. 

Keep stops for fuel, food and other goods to a minimum. The fewer stops you need to make (leaving your vehicle unattended) the more secure it will be