Mon 18 October 2021

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Identify Property on IMMOBILSE

IMMOBILISE is the world's largest FREE online register of property ownership details and, together with the links to Police National Property database NMPR and CheckMEND, forms a very effective tool in helping to reduce crime and repatriate recovered property to its owner.

It is available to the general public and businesses to register ownership of almost any item that can be identified by serial numbers, individual features and/or uploaded photo(s). 
Visit for details.

Exclusive to IMMOBILISE is the link to NMPR, making registered ownership details viewable by police, and is the only ownership registration service supported by all UK Police forces, the Greater London Authority and the Mobile Phone Industry. 

Police use the online checking service thousands of times each day to trace owners of lost and stolen property.  As a direct result there are hundreds of cases a week where property is returned or information collected that assists the police in investigating criminal activity involving stolen goods.

Combining IMMOBILISE with a forensic property marking product, such as SelectaDNA, increases the deterrent effect and the chance of recovery. Marking property with forensic DNA makes it permanently identifiable wherever it may be located and the unique serial number can easily be added as an identifiable feature on IMMOBILSE.