Mon 18 October 2021

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Property Marking


Identification and marking of property works together as a proven crime deterrent and a recovery mechanism for property to be returned to its rightful owner. Police and NHW endorse the use of both SelectaDNA, for forensic marking and Immobilise, for identification.            


Mark property with forensic SelectaDNA – Why?


It is proven by police to be a major deterrent to criminals due to the high chance of detection and conviction if caught, plus the added risk and difficulty of selling on identifiably marked items.

It is shown to reduce burglaries by as much as 85%, theft from cars by 60% and theft of cars by 50%.



It is a way of permanently marking your property and making it identifiable.

It proves conclusive ownership and enables lost or stolen items to be returned to you. 

It works when taking property away from home, e.g. on holiday or for students at University.


The kit only has to be registered once.

The DNA is invisible to the naked eye and therefore marking property does not reduce the value.

It can be applied to any item used inside or outside the home.

It only needs to be applied once and comes with the Thatcham Quality Assured Trademark. 

One kit can mark around 50 items and the DNA liquid remains useable for many years if the cap is replaced tightly and stored in a dark place.

Window stickers are supplied to advertise to would be burglars that you property is marked with SelectaDNA. 

SelectaDNA is endorsed by insurance companies and is strongly recommended by police and NHW and kits are available at a special low price to watch members, currently £20 (RRP £49) through Elmbridge NHW.

Lots of property is recovered by police but remains unclaimed as the owner cannot be identified. Police now routinely check property brought into their Custody Centres using an ultra-violet lamp to locate any UV mark. 

To maximise the deterrent effect it is hoped that Watches will collectively agree to use SelectaDNA and put up a Street Sign to highlight its use.


 name, address, contact phone number and a cheque made payable to Elmbridge Neighbourhood Watch

What is in the SelectaDNA Kit?

Each Kit has a unique reference number which, when registered on the Selectamark database, links all marked products to the owner. As it is invisible to the naked eye warning labels and window stickers are included to let thieves know that property in this home/business has been marked.

SELECTADNA is a covert property marking product which is made up of a water based adhesive, white when applied, clear when dry. It has a UV tracer, 1000 Microdots containing the unique reference number, a unique DNA code and it’s environmentally safe, non-toxic and non-flammable.

How to Apply

The adhesive is applied with a single stroke, and the mark dries clear in about 10 minutes.

Where possible apply the solution to areas that are hard to reach or with rough surfaces, to reduce the risk of the DNA being worn off with use.

With antiques mark the underside of the item or for paintings mark the back of the frame, in corners or on the pins securing the painting to the frame.

Silverware, jewellery, porcelain, books, furniture can also be marked with the solution by marking the item in hidden cracks, crevices, nooks and creases.    

Even the tiniest pin-head trace of the adhesive can be, identified, recovered and analysed.

Mark everything that you would not want to lose as anything can be a target for thieves. All sorts of items can be marked including ornaments, electrical items, tools, garden equipment and flower pots, bikes, mobile phones and even large items such as boats, cars and horse trailers. It's worth keeping an inventory of all the items you mark.

As additional protection it is recommend that you compile a library of digital photographs of each item that is DNA marked. If an item cannot be recovered or is subject to fire, smoke or water damage this will provide an accurate guide to both yourself and insurers as to the exact design and value of your possessions. When photographing:

Use a non-reflective background and place a ruler next to the item to show the size

Make sure there is enough light and the object is in focus. 

Store the pictures in a safe place. Some insurance companies will store the photos at a cost.


Each kit comes with the SelectaDNA solution, swab, instructions, labels and stickers.


Where possible apply the solution in grooves or corners


Apply a warning label if applicable.

Place window stickers on front window/doors



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