Thu 27 January 2022

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Crime Prevention covers every aspect of our lives in and around the home.  There is a lot of information available on how to protect yourself, home, car and personal belongings.
For a general overview of crime prevention advice use the following link :-
Neighbourhood Watch Stay safe Booklet 
For more detailed advice/information click on the following subject links:-
Link Description
Property Marking The use of the forensic liquid, SelectaDNA,  to uniquely identify ownership of any item.
Property Registration The use of Immobilise, the international online.
Burglary Simple steps to minimise the risk of burglary.
Burglar Alarms The pros and cons of installing different types of residential burglar alarms
Car crime Ways to safeguard your vehicle.
Anti-Climb Wall Toppings A range of fixings to safely deter access over fences and walls.
Residential CCTV The benefits, limitations and legal restrictions in installing CCTV around your home.
Staying Safe Online A  link to a whole range of police advice on how to protect yourself and your children from becoming a victim of cyber crime.
Business Scams The Metropolitan Police Little Book of Big Scams for Business