Thu 27 January 2022

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Our drive is to increase the relevance of NHW and sign up as many eyes as possible to help make Elmbridge safer for everyone. We have over 13,000 members but need more and it’s free!  Enter your postcode in the box above or click on Your Area to find out if you’re in a watch or for local information.

Read on, or to simply sign up, send us your email by clicking on the Enquiries tab and completing the Enquiry Form.  Please do not use the red ‘Sign In’ nor green ‘Join’ boxes as they only relate to National NHW and not Elmbridge.

We are all volunteers and proud of the longstanding community organisation we run. Borough wide coordinators oversee the day to day running of watches and, through our communication network and partnership with police, we deliver regular local crime updates and timely advice to help keep you safe.

Ideally we want to set up watches where residents in a road look out for one another, especially the vulnerable. However, we don’t want anyone excluded so we also have regional Virtual Watches, where by just supplying an email address you can receive the automated updates.

So what’s involved? Once we know you’re interested we’ll send you an information pack telling you all you need to know, but for now check out the links above.

Look at FAQs for frequently asked questions, who to contact for what and where to go for help and advice. Click on Contacts for really usefully phone numbers, links and websites, and Crime Prevention for simple tips on how to keep you and your home safe, and even have property returned to you, if you’re unlucky enough to lose or have something stolen.

For any query not covered just send us an enquiry via the Enquiries tab, and we’ll get back to you.
We look forward to hearing from you and together make a difference.  
ENhW Management Steering Group